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public abstarct class Fileaccess

Namespace: yaTDL.Classes
inherits from object


Fileaccess is the base class for all classes that want to write data to files and read from them. It defines some methods and properties these classes have to implement and also provides some basic methods that might be useful.


Abstract Members
public abstract string defaultFileName Contains the default file name for file that will should be used by OpenProjects() and SaveProjects() if no filename has been specified. The file should be located in defaultDirectory
public abstract void SaveProjects(Collection<Project> projects) Saves the collection of projects to the default location
public abstract void SaveProjects(Collection<Project> projects, string fileName) Saves the collection of projects to the indicated location
public abstract Collection<Project> OpenProjects() Reads a file from the dafault location and returns a collection of projects
public abstract Collection<Project> OpenProjects(string filePath) Reads a file from the indicated location and returns a collection of projects

public string defaultDirectory Returns the default directory for saving a file. This is %AppDada&\yaTDL\. This property is read only.
protected void backupTaskStore(string fileName) Backs up the indicated file to the backup directory. This directory can be specified in th appliation's settings. If there has no directory been selected, defaultDirectory\Backup will be used.
protected string getDirectory(string fileName) Extracts the directory from a file name.
protected string getFileExtension(string fileName) Extracts the parent directory from file name.

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