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In yaTDL you have to create at least one project. You can see projects as a kind of folder, which contains different tasks. The number of tasks in a project or the number of projects is not limited.
For every project you can define a name and you can even create two projects with the same name. yaTDL is able to handle this.


Each task has 3 properties you can influence:
  • Content: This is the most important property. Here you define, what you have to do, e.g. "Buy milk"
  • Date: Here you can define, when you have to complete the task. This is optional and is empty when you create a new task.
  • Priority: Here you can select how important a task is. You can choose on a scale between 1 and 4 with the 1 being the most important and 4 being the least important. If you create a new task, the priority will be set to 4, but you can change this at any time.

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